Alaska Publishing presents Author Henry Kroll - Books about Manna, Immortality, Self-Help, Space Ships, Saddam Hussein, How to make Manna, Philosopher's Stone and more..


Henry Kroll is also available for motivational speaking engagements on life extension using the white powder of gold. It's about taking mankind to the next evolutionary step.


Henry Kroll


Henry Kroll


   Henry Kroll is the son of Alaska's legendary, Mad Trapper. He was born on the family owned floating cannery February 21, 1944 in the coastal fishing village of Seldovia Alaska. There he learned to handle a rowboat at age of five and by age seventeen was captain of the family, 45-foot, salmon tender, Shrimp. At age twenty-two he and his wife purchased a boat in Chicago and traveled the length of the Mississippi to New Orleans and South via the Inter-coastal Waterway to Mexico. He is currently writing a book about this voyage titled Mississippi.


   After attending Sheldon Jackson Jr. College, University of Alaska, and University of Corpus Christi, Texas he decided to enter the ALaska crab fishery. He purchased the seventy-foot Mary M and converted it to fish king crab. Twenty-five years of handling 600 pound crab pots in the icy waters of Cook Inlet, Kodiak and the Bering Sea gave him a unique perspective that no other writer can match. During the 1980's he owned two large vessels, the 128 foot Orion and the 150 foot Victoria. He does all his own electrical, engineering and machine work. He also worked in chemical laboratory.



   During his fishing career he caught over two million pounds of salmon, three million pounds of king crab, three million pounds of tanner crab and several hundred thousand pounds of halibut and shrimp. During his life on the sea he accumulated over eighteen thousand days of Coast Guard documented sea time. He ferried yachts for their owners from California to Seattle and Alaska and earning his masters' license, all oceans. He credits his skill as a navigator for keeping him alive both in the air and on sea.


   Henry has worked as a radio announcer, gold miner, treasure hunter, boat builder, inventor, machinist, electrician, iron worker, welder, boat captain, electronics teacher, piano player, and singer. Currently he is doing motivational speaking and lecturing on the white-powder-of-gold, the mfkzt powder carried in the Ark of the Covenant.


   Henry started writing in 1988 and now has eight books to his credit. His unique ability to cause the reader to sense being a part of the situation, and of the solution, is mesmeric an has a reputation for thorough and accurate coverage of subject matter.


   Henry currently has five adult children and eight grandchildren. He and his wife, Mary are currently building a lodge in beautiful Tuxedni, located on the west side of Cook Inlet 180 miles southwest of Anchorage. Henry's scientific research on the inter dimensional, monatomic iridium beach sands of Tuxedni Bay resulted in his writing, Gold of the Gods. He is currently constructing a working model of an antigravity engine based upon ancient Indian Vimana technology. The Kroll family has three dogs and a plane.


   Henry occasionally travels throughout the United States and does guest speaking about political issues, monatomic gold, ancient civilizations, and higher-dimensional spaceships. He will speak at radio stations, UFO conferences, schools and universities. If you have contacts with your local radio station please contact us. Henry will play the piano for any audience. He also likes to hunt for treasure with various electronic devices.